Newsletter – November 2020

Mission Statement:

We, at Bliss home care, are committed to delivering high quality of care to those in the community.

We care for providing a safe, compassionate and an individual person-centred approach to all our clients, in order to enable them to live a fulfilling, healthy and independent life in their homes.

Because We Care!

Clients’ comment: I thought you’d like to see what our lovely carer did for us this morning. We have now had a doggie, an elephant and this. She must be very quick doing them as she flashes around doing everything else.

Thanks, Cris for such a lovely and kind gesture.

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Latest Updates and Going-ons

Our Website

Bliss Home Care Ltd website has now been fully updated and we are aiming to be posting our newsletter every 8 weeks.

That was a frustrating journey as our previous web designer has left us in the middle of the project. Due to the luck of knowledge on how to update our website we could not make changes or updates on the site until now.

After realizing that our service it is growing and the feedback from current clients has been from good to an excellent service we have invested little more to ensure we can share clients though about the service we are doing.

We have just contracted a review system to be linked to our website as to Connect with our clients to collect genuine customer reviews, get valuable insights from clients’ feedback, launch surveys and more with Feefo solutions.

We will appreciate if our clients that has already received our email requesting to review our service to kindly take a minute and complete the form.

As clients keeping telling us how good it is our service from care staff up to management team. We would like to share that with other prospective clients.

Our Team

We like to say thank you to all our cares for the excellent job and service they are providing for our dearest clients.

Bliss Home Care Ltd. Value every work that you all do, and we are blessed for having such a lovely bunch.

A special Thank You to Maria Barroso, for going an extra mile this month as to support a client under palliative care.

Cristiane Solivo, for all the lovely features made of towels for our clients, a special touch and they loved.

Christmas and New Year

We are now preparing for the festive time of the year.

We will be generating our rota this week for the remaining weeks of the year as to ensure we have enough cover for all our clients.

Our plans for this year Christmas have now been postponed due to covid-19. The intention of getting together at one point to celebrate will have to be for another opportunity.

We Like to wish our clients and staff a blessed Christmas and New Years.

Surprise to come!!!

All because we care!

A few words from our clients

  1. Again thank you to all of you but my special love  to my two lovely girls for their love and care
    Thought you would like to see a few pictures from Thursday
    With lots of love
    Gill xxx
  2. I happened to find a company prior to speaking to you called Bliss Home Care Ltd. They are based in Stoneleigh. Anyway, before contacting your recommendations I decided to contact the founder Vanessa (a  gut feeling motivated me to do this) and I ended up using them and I want to recommend them to you as in your capacity as Pastoral Leader you may want to add them to your list of Organisations you recommend.Vanessa Savino is my contact and she and her team provided a wonderful service to me and my Dad! We will be using them again if the need arises.
  1. Thank you once again for your truly kind note and the superb care you and your staff provided over this difficult time.

Office Hours

Due to the second quarantine and the demand for the service our office has been occasionally required to close early as to support clients.

Our management team require to work out of the office if clients required. Cover for care visit, risk assessment, new client’s assessment, clients meeting, staff training and competency evaluation. Although the Office may require closing due to the above purpose. Our lines still open and responsive for any enquiries or support.

We like to thank you all for choosing our service and staff for going above and beyond our expectation.

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