What we do

At Bliss Home Care we work to provide a safe, caring and professional service to support our clients to live a more independent and fulfilling life in their homes.

Our service is based on a responsive care service tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We will work to offer a range of services to help and support adults in the local area.

Our service is tailored to each individual client according to their support needs, choice, preferences, cultural, religious, sexual orientation and health requirements.

We believe that each individual person pursues their own views and values of life.

We work to ensure those values would not be lost and we will work our best to empower our clients to keep control of their lives.


At Bliss we work together to achieve the best outcome for all our clients.

For that reason, we believe there is no good service without the participation and interaction of those who’s somehow is involved on our clients life.

Family, relatives & friends. Social service. GP. Pharmacist, OT. Consultants. DN and other specialist might play a fundamental role on our clients care and support.

We believe that working together with our client best interest at heart we can achieve positive outcomes.

Our Team

WE work with fully trained, reliable and compassionate Care Team.

Our Care team are selected mainly for their caring and compassionate nature.

At Bliss we believe that we can teach a person to deliver care, but we cannot teach people to be caring. That should come within the persons character, reason why our selection and recruitment style is focussing in that specific quality in each of our candidates.

We understand that trusting someone to be an instrument of support for those who is vulnerable should be in a position of trust and that is why we are not just a team we are a family.

We trust our team to Care and Support you in the comfort of your home.

At Bliss we believe that our carers are the face of our service and we work hard to promote and to praise the exceptional work they do.

We trained our team to be qualified and competent caregivers. Although we select are team by the compassionate and caring nature there is mandatory training requirement to be fulfilled.

Our registered manager is a qualified trainer for the Care Certificate and other mandatory training.

All are team are DBS, Referenced checked.

At Bliss we work to achieve excellency on the service we provide.

At Bliss We Care About YOU!

Care and Support Options

Personal Care

Supporting you to achieve daily living task according to your needs and health condition.

Assisting clients in all area of personal care and hygiene.

Such as:

Having a wash, shower, bath, oral hygiene, catheter care, incontinence care, shaving, makeup, dressing other specific support according to clients individual needs.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Caring for a cognitively-impaired adult, requires training, skill, compassionate and caring attitude,  person centred approach and attention to details.

Its fundamental to know the client as an individual.

At Bliss we will ensure our team is knowledgeable about our client support needs and any related conditions that can affect their care.

We believe that promoting independence levels, empower and facilitate for clients to make their own decisions, express their choices for every step of their daily care. To promote social skills and one to one interaction.

Do play a fundamental part on cognitive impaired clients wellbeing.

We will ensure that regardless the mental capacity or ability of a client, the care and support they will receive it will be always with their best interest at heart.

We will ensure of their safety and wellbeing is a priority on everything we do.

Palliative Care

Supporting and caring for clients that was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in the comfort of their homes.

Bliss Home Care will support clients and family during this sensitive stage of their lives.

WE will support you on any advance decisions and planning.

Our compassionate and caring team has completed End of Life Care training, as to ensure they can give you the best quality of care and support.

We will work together with palliative care team as support you to achieve the best outcome as possible during your care.

Respite Care

We cover short term care for those clients that require some help due to illness, respite care (given family or usual carer a short break), hospital discharge.


Bliss home care have trained cares that can support clients on prompting or the full administration of prescribed medication.

Our senior care team can support clients and family on requesting monthly prescription and arranging the collection of your prescribed medication.

Nutrition support service

Supporting clients on preparation of meals.

Care team are trained on food safety and Hygiene.

Bliss Home Care Senior team will liaise with health professional and dietitian where necessary as to promote a safe, healthy and balanced diet intake for our clients.

Housekeeping And Management Service

Our care team is here to support you on maintaining a safe, clean and organised home.

Bliss home care understand that light cleaning duties is part of everyone’s routine. We understand that when is a need of personal care for some clients the need to have support around the domestic duties might be included on the care and support plan.

Bliss Home Care is here to support you if you need:

Light house cleaning duties (no deep cleaning) Ironing, laundry, hoovering, dusting.

Bliss Home Care prioritise your personal need and support under health and social care. For that reason, any Domestic help it will be organised separated from your personal care arrangements.

For example: If a client have 2 hours of care daily according to their support plan. Domestic duties it will be added according to clients request and requirement after those 2 hours.

All support provided by Bliss Home Care it will be done by trained and qualified carers.

As part of house management our team can support you with your grocery shopping, paying your bills, reading and replying to your mails. CONDITIONS AND POLICY APPLIES.

Social interaction and Companionship

Support clients to attend clinical appointments, meetings, day centre, social events, activities and others.

Live in Care

This service is a service for those who require 24 hour of care and support.

All our clients that require live in care it will be directly involved on the employment and recruitment of their carers.

Bliss Home Care recruit live in care staff according to the need of the service. Clients may require having carers attending to scheduled shifts until the right candidate is available to filled the post.